Top 5 things to do in Mo’orea, Tahiti

Known as the ‘Magical Island’, Mo’orea is one of French Polynesia’s premier destinations and apart from relaxation, there is definitely something for everyone on this Island. So keeping it short and sweet, here are our top 5 things to do in Mo’orea!

1. Circling Island by Scooter
Sounds time consuming at first, but once you know Mo’orea only has a 60 kilometer Coastline, it’s definitely one thing that is a must when staying on the island. From my experience, it was only about a 2-3 hour journey, allowing to stop as many times on the way to get some fresh local fruit, or simply to just admire the breathtaking views. You’ll pass by cute churches, sleepy villages, isolated beaches and locals returning from the bakery with a couple of baguettes… don’t forget to greet people you pass by cheerfully saying “Iaorana!”. Explore at your own pace and get a real feel for ‘island life’.

2. Grab a Kayak
So if you’re staying in a hotel, chances are near the pool/beach area, you will have access to free Kayaks and Paddle boards. Whether you want to do a workout in paradise or simply to just coast along the serene nature of this place, I cannot recommend this enough. Bring out that Go Pro out and take some killer ocean shots!
TIP: In relation to the next tip, instead of buying a tour to feed the stingrays, simply just kayak to the middle of the ocean! Much cheaper and you don’t have all the hustle and bustle of tourists!


3.Feeding the sharks and stingrays
Imagine this; you’re engulfed by a mass of clear ocean, mountains just out of view, little sharks swimming underneath you and stingray shooting past and grazing your back, giving you all their attention just like a dog that you’re waving a treat to in front of it’s face. Honestly, I didn’t believe it until I tried it. One of the best experiences in my life, having a stingray literally suck tiny ‘fish treats’ out of my hand, then have a herd of stingray act like puppy dogs hugging your back waiting to get pat on their back. Your brain will tell you that this goes against all common sense, but listen to your heart and take the plunge. You won’t regret it!

4. Climb to Belvedere Lookout
So it doesn’t involve climbing… more or less a winding scooter/car ride up the mountain. But Belvedere Lookout is where you’ll be able to see Mo’orea’s twin bays that carve out the well known heart shape the Island takes. An absolute must visit spot, the mighty Mount Rotui seems to be within arm’s reach, acting as a towering barrier between Opunohu and Cook’s bay. Also keep an eye out at the top of the mountain for a guy who sells ‘young coconuts’. Best coconut water out!

5. Visit the local Juice Factory
If you’re a fruit lover, you haven’t experienced ‘real’ fruit until it’s been handpicked off a tree and eaten…. or every kind of tropical fruit made into exotic juice. The best part is, is that the factory doubles as a distillery, producing vanilla cream, Tahitian punch, pineapple wine and even sugar cane liquor. And beating that… factory tours end with a never-ending tasting session! Score! (the lychee vodka is a clear winner in my opinion)


So… ready to visit yet?