Tahiti Diary – Mo’orea Island

After a short little get away, I’m back from French-Polynesia baby!

Already missing the views of the mountains, blue oceans and the fresh air, but nonetheless was a magical 10 days in paradise! (Minus getting completed saturated in the rain a couple of times – Monsoon season hello?)

So fast forward after the 9 hour flight from Melbourne to Papeete, Tahiti , my partner and I get off the plane and the first thing I notice is the heat. It felt like breathing in straight steam! Then after going through customs we trekked it on over to get to the ferry service to get to Mo’orea Island. As the ferry rolled into Vai’are Wharf, I was taken away by the Mountains that were the centre piece of this Island (Mo’orea being a volcanic Island). It straight away reminded me of the movie King Kong. Pure. Magic.

I was lucky enough to be staying with my partners family there, even though we had a couple of nights of accommodation to ourselves in a town called ‘Pihaena’. Keep in mind, everything over there is pretty exxy (besides petrol which was only roughly 350 XPF – about $5.00 AUD), but it was well worth it for the memories.

We did the usual tourist ‘vibe’ but tried to do as much as we could ourselves. We ended up hiring a scooter and rode around the whole island which only took 2.5 hours which was pretty rad! But apart from that just found killer locations for swimming, kayaking, eating, drinking beer (Hinano!) and just generally chilling out ,which is the main thing to do on the Island…. but don’t expect to ever get a sleep in with the wild roaming Roosters calling out at 5am -.-

Kayaking alongside the Island was amazing! After about an hour of relaxed paddling we managed to get to where all the stingray’s and little sharks were being fed. So naturally we jumped out and swam among them. It was my first time ever patting/feeding a stingray, and should definitely be on anyone’s bucket-list of things to do… probably one of the best memories I’ll ever carry with me!

Apart from relaxation and getting to have a break from technology, we did many amazing things – all of which will be in another post of: ‘Top things to do in Mo’orea’. A time was had and the time was well spent for a wicked vibe.

Let’s be clear: 10 days on this Island is MORE than enough. Unless you’re the kind of person who likes doing nothing when all activities have been done and well conquered… but more than that, any person could easily become fidgety and restless. And also… be wary of the stray dogs. There are TONS. Not my finest moment screaming frantically on the scooter when a dog viciously chased us down the road haha!

Also another tip: Don’t sneak into really exxy Hotels and try and seem like a guest by swimming in their pools. They WILL kick your butt out.


Ello xx


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